Programs Overview

Since we have iPads, the natural next step was to create programming supported by the use of iPads. We have varied programming, with options to please all ages!

Our Animation Nation programming kicked off July 5th with great success. This program is dedicated to tweens and teens, with the hope of also starting an adult group, or partnering with the Olean Center as well. Here, stop-motion animation basics are taught, using a variety of materials and utilizing the iPads to tie everything together.

Our oral history program is a self-run program, in that, after an introductory session on oral history, attendees can pair off and record at almost any time. Our goal is to capture the stories of the people who make up the great town of Westerly, and to strengthen our understanding of the past by connecting with people in the present. This also happens to be our 125th anniversary year! The introductory session is planned for August 29 at 6:30 p.m. in the Westerly Library Auditorium.

We have a very successful knit and crochet group that meets weekly, every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. on our second floor. We’d like to expand that to encompass all fiber arts and use the iPads to film tutorials, use Ravelry and Etsy, among other things.

The library recently added a Maker Space, which is a place where people can create, learn, and utilize technology. Our hope is to add technical programming so community members can fully use all of the technology within the Maker Space. The Maker Space programs are slated to begin in October.