Knit One, Purl Two, Click Here

This past Tuesday, we did a soft rollout of Studio Rhode Westerly at our Knit and Crochet Club by bringing three iPads to our usual meeting. As soon as I arrived with the iPads, I noticed one member was drawing out a concept that she was trying to explain (it was how to knit two mittens at a time on circular needles.) Though she drew a great diagram, she was able to use the iPad to look up the technique as well. Soon all three iPads were in use with the members looking up things that they were explaining to others. Another member and I explained Ravelry to a new user and got her very interested in our upcoming Ravelry workshop (scheduled for September 6th.)

Our group has always been great about collaborating, teaching, and answering questions for one another, but having access to iPads will help them to help each other even more. There are many great possibilities for them as they have large screens and cases that function as stands, so we can display patterns and instructions on them. The iPads proved to be a useful tool for yarn crafts, so they will be a welcome addition to our future meetings.

World Wide Knit in Public Day 2017

On June 10th, we hosted our very first Knit in Wilcox Park as part of World Wide Knit in Public Day (WWKIPD.) WWKIPD was started as a way to make a solitary activity into a social one – something our Knit and Crochet Group has already embraced as they gather every Tuesday evening to craft together. We found that Knit in Wilcox Park did exactly as intended – there were about 19 knitters and crocheters throughout the day with discussions ranging from patterns and techniques to etiquette when knitting in public or at work.

We saw a lot of familiar faces and a lot of new ones – it was a great turn out and a great event! Wilcox Park offers a wonderful space to knit or crochet outside (even though we had a couple of caterpillars join our little party.)

Fiber Arts 101


We will incorporate iPads into our Knitting and Crochet Club which meets every Tuesday night in our Reference Departmnet.  We will make the iPads available to our club members during the meetings so that they can look on Ravelry, watch techniques on YouTube, post photos of their projects, make their own YouTube tutorials and more! We will also create a dedicated blog to share what the group is working on, publicize upcoming events, and document projects.

If the club wishes to, we can build programs off of things we learn and discuss in the meetings, like workshops on:

-Etsy basics

-photographing crafts/handmade items for blogs or for sale

-using Ravelry

-running a craft blog/online portfolio

In September, be on the lookout for these workshops to start.