“Art” can be so intimidating. It sounds like something formal, something that has already been appreciated and given value by those in the right circles. That’s not the art we’re looking for at our Pop-Up Museum, nor is it the art we’re looking for, creating, and sharing with Studio Rhode Westerly. We’re looking at art in the broadest sense, we want to see what you think represents art! It might be a piece from an established artist, it might be something unexpected from someone completely unknown. It might even be a tool used to create art! We want you to bring it all to our Pop-Up Museum on Wednesday, September 27th.

Speaking of tools used to create art, we’ll have iPads on hand so you can try out some neat art apps. Our latest favorite is Tayasui Sketches, where you can play around with different brushes and pens to create something amazing. If you don’t have any art to bring in, you can make some here! You can also try out the camera to help us document the Museum for our other blog, Westerly Pop-Up Museum!

So come to the Auditorium this Wednesday from 5:30 to 7:30 pm to share your art or just see what others have brought in! We will also be collecting mini-profiles for our Artists of Westerly series, so you can get interviewed! We’re looking for all levels of artistry, even those who don’t think they’re an artist.


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