Our first Ravelry workshop happened last night and to put it in knitting terms, it’s off the needles, the ends are woven in, and now I’m blocking it to see the final results. I’m blogging about a few different aspects of it in separate blog posts to keep it from being one novel-length post. This post will cover the tech set-up.

As part of our Studio Rhode grant, we received iPads and iPad Pros and an Apple TV that I was able to use for this program. Here’s how I set it up:

-one Apple TV, connected to a TV at the head of our table

-one iPad Pro per student (I had 8 students pre-registered, so I brought 9 iPads, just in case)

-one iPad Pro for me, which I used to AirPlay with the Apple TV


I prepared each iPad by opening Safari and signing into the same Ravelry account. I had previously made a Google form survey, so I sent a link to it in a Ravelry message to this SRWesterly account. Once Ravelry was open on a device, I would go to the messages and open the survey link in a new tab so that it would be waiting for the students at the end of the class.

I decided to use the iPad Pros rather than the regular iPads so that students could use the included Apple Pencils as a stylus if they wished. Since it was a small group, we had enough Pros to make this work, though regular iPads would have also been fine.

This tech set-up worked pretty well, though the TV ended up being pretty far from the attendees at the other end of the table. Using the iPads gave us so much more flexibility over where we could hold the class and how many students we could accommodate. Some of the students were more familiar with iPads than others, but the learning curve was fairly minimal.

I got very positive reviews on the survey afterward, with one attendee noting that her favorite part was using the iPad during the workshop. There was another note about how the TV was too far away, so it may be worth rearranging the physical set-up for the next workshop.




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