There’s always a thousand reasons to wait to start something, but sometimes you need to jump in! Our WAM! idea has evolved and became a project to document our local artists, both known and unknown, professional and hobbyist, advanced and beginner. Some entries into this collection will be photos with captions taken from brief interviews with the subject; others will be 5-minute interviews recorded in iMovie for more established artists to talk about their craft. While this seems simple (and puts a lot less pressure on our artists,) it is actually slightly more work for us in the background. I stalled right from the get-go, worrying about developing a list of questions to ask our artists while I was bogged down with other projects. I didn’t want to get out there unprepared;  I felt I needed that list of questions and sample posts as a security blanket before getting out there and asking people to get involved.

I was inspired during the opening reception for our library’s current gallery exhibit, Treasure through Time, which features unique items from the library’s Special Collections. I was talking to one of our dedicated volunteers, who used his artistic eye to help hang and display the pieces in the exhibit, but also brought in a stunning floral arrangement from his day job as a florist. I had to talk to him about the flowers, as they were arranged in such a unique and stunning way – I can’t say I’ve ever imagined that thistles, orchids, and carnations would look so great together. Our volunteer, Michael Barber, explained that he has a background in Fine Arts, and has been a florist for many years (on top of using his creative talents in many other venues.) This was it! This artist (Mr. Barber) and this work of art (the floral arrangement) would be our very first #artistsofwesterly post!


I now feel emboldened to collect more photos and interviews and document our artists! I think that the list of questions and example posts can come together after a few practice runs (maybe on my creative coworkers, who are #artistsofwesterly as well.) I will definitely try to feature Mr. Barber again as he has worked with so many mediums in so many different ways that he is a creative treasure trove!

The lesson here is that if you wait too long to be ready, you’ll never start. This applies not only to the #artistsofwesterly project, but also to that creative project you’ve been thinking of taking up. Jump into it – and then tell me about it so I can document it!


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